Associate Rector for Discipleship and Christian Formation

Pensacola, FL
Type: Clergy
Posted Dec 1, 2021
Job Title
Associate Rector for Discipleship and Christian Formation
Name of church or organization
Holy Cross Episcopal Church
Pensacola, FL
Job Description
PURPOSE: Even within a pandemic, this church is growing and serving vibrantly. The Associate Rector will work with the Rector, staff, and vestry to create a family environment of unity and transformation by keeping our focus on Jesus Christ and serving his people with love.

AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY: These areas can evolve, depending upon the gifts of the person called.

  1. Christian Formation
  2. Discipleship (Evangelism)
  3. Other Priestly Responsibilities


1. CHRISTIAN FORMATION: As we continue to draw others into our church, we seek to steadily move our parishioners from membership to discipleship. Our Associate will participate as follows.

a. Help oversee our Steering Committee for Christian Formation’s efforts to find and/or create formation opportunities to move parishioners from membership to discipleship. These typically vary widely but often include campus wide series and events, and they are informed by periodic surveys regarding our parishioners’ spiritual growth.

b. Oversee our weekly Young Adult & College Ministry and our Theology on Tapministry.

c. Facilitate/Teach classes regularly.


2. DISCIPLESHIP: From our buildings and grounds, to our culture, Holy Cross was built to draw those on the outside to Jesus Christ. The Associate will oversee, support, and empower our parishioners in being an inviting and connecting church over and above being a mere welcoming church. They will find ways to consistently connect the lives of our neighbors with the life of God moving within Holy Cross.


3. PRIESTLY RESPONSIBILITIES: The Associate will assist the Rector in other clerical duties.

a. Serving our weekly worship services by preaching on a rotation, celebrating at the altar, and serving in whatever way possible to bless and aid our worship of God.

b. Providing Pastoral Care (PC) to our members and beyond. The Associate will also assist the Rector by serving as a member of our Pastoral Care Team, which focuses both on administering PC & empowering parishioners to engage in PC.

c. Other duties requested by the Rector or desired by Associate.

Type of Commitment
Full Time
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