Associate Rector

Whitefish Bay, WI
Type: Clergy
Posted Jul 9, 2019
Job Title
Associate Rector
Name of church or organization
Christ Church
Job Location
Whitefish Bay, WI
Job Description
An inclusive parish with a gift for hospitality, Christ Church, Whitefish Bay, is looking for an Associate Rector to work collaboratively with the Rector to deepen the parish’s mission to the larger community and beyond. This is a multi-faceted Associate position with opportunities for leadership development in many areas including preaching, pastoral care, outreach, and overseeing faith formation for children and young families. The Rector is also excited to support the interests and learning goals of the Associate to help her or him live more fully into their particular calling.

Enhancing and Expanding Worship
The Associate Rector will share in preaching, celebrating, and liturgy design. We want to explore possibilities for new kinds of worship with children and families. With the assistance of our Children and Youth Ministry Leader, the Associate Rector will have significant authority for such services.

Engaging the Immediate Neighborhood
In December 2018 we dedicated a $2.8m addition and renovation to make our facility more hospitable and ADA accessible. We have begun efforts to become a neighborhood hub for a variety of programs to support spiritual, emotional and physical wellness. The Associate Rector will work with a variety of people to develop a vision and strategy for more deeply engaging our neighborhood.

Engaging the City and Beyond
In 2010, we began a partnership with a Lutheran church in the city of Milwaukee, but the parish needs help developing that relationship. The Associate Rector will help us to more creatively and consistently build friendships across divisions of race and class. Additionally, many of our families are looking for ways to teach their children about God’s justice and mercy. While we have made some progress in providing both teaching and outreach opportunities for children and parents, we would like an Associate to work with the Children and Youth Ministry Leader to help lead us deeper into God’s call to come alongside those who are most vulnerable.

Nurturing the Faith of Children and Youth
The Associate Rector will endeavor to engage families, children and youth deeper into the life of the parish. She or he will supervise the Children and Youth Ministry Leader. The Associate Rector will work directly with children and youth for sacramental programs like monthly children’s liturgy, confirmation and spiritual events like retreats. She or he will have authority for choosing and implementing formation components such as curricula and mission work. The Rector is open to developing new and innovative approaches to pass on the faith.

Sharing Pastoral Care
The Rector will share pastoral care with the Associate: visits to the home and hospital; ministering to those who are dying, preparing couples for marriage, and providing counseling to parishioners in crisis. As in other areas, the Rector hopes for mutual learning, so that his ministry is made better by the Associate’s ministry.

Overseeing Parish Communications
The Associate Rector will supervise the Communications Leader and will be responsible for the vision and strategy for parish communications through all available channels: website, weekly parish email, social media and more.


The parish is located 15 minutes north of downtown Milwaukee. Newcomers often proclaim that Milwaukee is one of the best-kept secrets in the country. From the symphony, theater, ballet, off-Broadway shows, world-class zoo and museums, and major league sports, to non-stop summer music and cultural festivals, there is something for everyone all year long. New craft breweries and farm-to-table restaurants continually emerge. Since Milwaukee is situated on the shores of Lake Michigan, it offers a variety of activities, from swimming and boating to walking, jogging, biking and roller blading along its many scenic trails. For a weekend get-away, Chicago is a mere 90 minutes away, as is Madison’s fun university atmosphere. If less city is more your style, Door County and the North Woods offer pristine natural getaways for every outdoor lover. The contemplative Order of Julian of Norwich is located three hours north in the beauty of a national forest.

Type of commitment
  • Full time
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Application Process
As the Rector is currently on sabbatical, interested candidates should send a resume and OTM profile to the Christ Church Senior Warden, Beth Durant:
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