Adult Christian Formation Coordinator (PT)

Kansas City, MO
Type: Clergy, Lay
Posted Jul 13, 2021
Job Title
Adult Christian Formation Coordinator
Name of church or organization
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
Kansas City, MO
Job Description

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church is a spiritual family called to love God, love neighbor, and love one another by proclaiming the grace of Jesus Christ, empowering people for ministry, and serving people within and beyond our church. Bound together by common worship rather than a list of specific beliefs, we gather – conservative or progressive, sure of our faith or doubtful, and welcoming all children of God – in order to grow spiritually as we take the next steps in our journeys.

Our Adult Christian Formation Coordinator (part-time, 24 hours a week) shepherds the parish’s ministries – in person and online – that lead adult members into deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In keeping with St. Andrew’s ethos of collaborative ministry, we foster learning and theological reflection from different perspectives, and we encourage parishioners to start and lead groups and other learning opportunities. The Adult Christian Formation Coordinator works with the rector to create and implement a framework for formation along the maturing spiritual lives of adult parishioners, reflecting priorities discerned through the parish’s spiritual self-study (the RenewalWorks program). Responsibilities include coordinating and leading learning opportunities, raising up and empowering parishioners to lead groups or classes, serving as staff liaison to the Adult Christian Formation Commission, supporting adult- formation ministries and tracking participation in them, providing back-up administrative support, and other duties.


Coordinating and Leading Learning Opportunities:

  • Select curriculum for Café 9:15 (Sunday-morning lectionary-based Scripture discussion), prepare lessons, and lead the class.
  • Oversee curricula for a weekly parishioner-led Bible Study and other studies as they arise.
  • Coordinate Discovery (adult Confirmation class) twice a year. Arrange presenters, usually in-house. Create publicity. Enroll participants, gathering and verifying individuals’ data as needed. Discuss with participants their spiritual histories, goals, and needs. Help identify Confirmation sponsors and Connection Partners as necessary. Arrange for room set-ups and meal delivery. Create participant notebooks; order BCPs and gifts from the church. Register with the Bishop’s office those to be confirmed or received; prepare certificates for candidates.
  • Facilitate enrollment in post-Discovery learning opportunities exploring Scripture, the Sacraments, the Creeds, and living faithfully in the world (currently using the “Pilgrim” series).
  • Work with the Engagement Coordinator to move newcomers from welcome, to newcomer orientation, to Discovery, and to deeper engagement in the life of the parish.
  • Develop and coordinate seasonal formation programs (Advent, Lent, summer study).

Empowering Parishioners:

  • Field parishioner requests to lead new programs and review those possible offerings with the Adult Christian Formation Commission.
  • Oversee recruitment of new teachers/facilitators.
  • Train new teachers/facilitators (in conjunction with members of the Adult Christian Formation Commission).

Serving as Commission Liaison:

  • Maintain regular communication with the Vestry liaison for adult Christian formation.
  • Schedule and take part in monthly meetings of the Adult Christian Formation Commission.
  • Assist the Vestry liaison in preparing the Adult Christian Formation section of the parish annual report.
  • Guide the Adult Christian Formation Commission in developing its annual budget.

Coordinating Ministry:

  • Ensure Adult Formation classes, groups, and events are scheduled on the parish calendar.
  • Send out Zoom invitations for classes, groups, and events.
  • Create publicity for classes, groups, and events, and send it to the Communications Manager (usually four weeks in advance).
  • Purchase curricula for classes and groups.
  • Record attendance for Adult Christian Formation offerings.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Provide limited back-up for answering office phones.
  • Take part in weekly staff meetings.
  • Take part in parish-calendar planning meetings.
  • Take part in professional development opportunities.
  • Serve on the Formation Commission of the Diocese of West Missouri.
  • Complete expense reports, timesheets, and PTO requests.


Bachelor’s degree (or higher); at least one year of relevant experience or training in adult education or a related field. Some knowledge of the Episcopal Church is strongly preferred.

To apply, provide a cover letter and résumé to the Rev. John Spicer, St. Andrew’s rector.

Type of Commitment
Part time
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Application Process
Provide a cover letter and résumé to the Rev. John Spicer, St. Andrew’s rector —
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