Acting Chaplain and Missioner/Youth Ministry Leader

East Lansing, MI
Type: Clergy, Lay
Posted Jul 25, 2018
Job Title
Acting Chaplain and Missioner/Youth Ministry Leader
Name of church or organization
Way of Love Michigan State University/All Saints Episcopal Church
Job Location
East Lansing, MI
Job Description
The Acting Chaplain/Missioner will lead the revitalization of the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement at Michigan State University by building an inclusive, diverse, and supportive community focused on walking the Way of Love through justice, outreach, and spiritual growth.

This position is offered during the 2018-2019 academic year (to August 1, 2019) with a possibility of extension or renewal.

This position is offered as a full-time, exempt position with full diocesan employee benefits. Three-fourths time will be provided by the diocese through Way of Love, and the remaining one fourth provided by All Saints-East Lansing. However, qualified part-time applicants will also be considered, with responsibilities and duties appropriately adjusted according to the applicant’s gifts and experience.

This position reports to the Bishop of Michigan, with the Board as the functional supervisor, for the ¾-time campus ministry position and to the Rector of All Saints-East Lansing for the ¼-time youth ministry position.

Both lay and clergy candidates will be considered.

Responsibilities and Duties

1) Develop mission and ministry that is relevant for modern college students
a) Build on All Saints’ connections to local service and social justice organizations on campus and in the broader community, empowering students to seek and serve Christ in all persons and strive for justice and peace on the earth
b) Provide opportunities for spiritual growth for a generation increasingly uncomfortable with organized religion
c) Foster meaningful interpersonal relationships with and among digital natives
d) Facilitate connections between area parishes and students seeking a more traditional Episcopal worship experience

2) Help develop new and stronger relationships with and among students
a) Help maintain an ever-evolving and loving environment and open spiritual home for students
b) Help students develop supportive and caring communities through peer-ministry activities such as social justice ministries, spiritual growth opportunities, and small group communities nested both on- and off-campus
c) Develop and empower student leadership in all Way of Love activities

3) Establish an Episcopal presence on the MSU campus
a) Recruit students to be part of Way of Love
b) Navigate MSU bureaucracy surrounding student activities and events
c) Become a member of the Religious Advisors’ Association
d) Work with ecumenical and interfaith partners on campus and in the broader community
e) Be an active presence at student events (i.e. Sparticipation) and engage the wider campus through Episcopal events and presence that demonstrate the love of Jesus and the in-breaking realm of God.

4) Once a month, visit a local or diocesan Episcopal church to preach a sermon (as desired by clergy), and raise awareness of Way of Love’s mission and ministry, while providing opportunities for parishioners to volunteer and donate

5) All Saints youth ministry—10-12 hours per week or ¼ time
a) Be an advocate for youth in the life of the parish. Youth should be included in worship, education, parish life and outreach events.
b) Coordinate religious education classes for children grades 6-12, in conjunction with youth leaders and teachers, and the coordinator for children’s ministries
c) Coordinate the scheduling of youth group activities with youth group leaders
d) Recruit and train teachers and youth leaders
e) Maintain contact with other area Episcopal churches and diocesan youth missioner for Youth and Young Adults to enrich program offerings
f) Ensure that all adults involved in the nurture of youth have been adequately screened and trained, and that programs follow diocesan guidelines for “Safeguarding God’s Children”
g) Attend quarterly meetings of the Children and Youth Formation committee and work collegially with the coordinator for children’s ministry and the committee chair.
h) Expectations are that most youth work will take place on Sunday mornings (with the exception of the one Sunday a month the missioner is in a different church, when youth leaders will take over) with occasional other outreach or social activities

6) Offer pastoral care to students
a) Connect with students served by Way of Love – check in, support them in their daily lives and work
b) Meet with students one-on-one for listening, spiritual and vocational discernment, and pastoral care
c) Refer students to suitable resources as needed

7) Plan and oversee Way of Love events and activities
a) Organize events centered on justice, service, and/or spiritual growth
b) Discern the areas of need for Way of Love and expand programming flexibly to meet those needs
c) Schedule and work with assisting or supply clergy as needed for worship and pastoral care needs
d) Oversee expenditures, budgets, and assets of Way of Love in consultation with the Board

8) Oversee Way of Love communications
a) Email news and announcements
b) Up-to-date social media presence
c) Digital outreach and advertising
d) Campus fliers or posters
e) Maintaining the email list and collecting email addresses from attendees
f) Updating the website as needed

9) Help support the Board in planning and development of Way of Love during this transition period
a) Connect transition committee and Board members with stakeholders in the Way of Love community, especially students and others whose voices might otherwise be missed
b) Communicate with the Board about successes and failures of initiatives during this academic year
c) Share insights into growth/evolution of Way of Love
d) Support fundraising/development as needed

10) Perform other such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the Bishop or the Board

Application Requirements: an Active Episcopal/Anglican or Lutheran (ELCA) congregant with a Bachelor’s degree and previous experience in leading young adult ministries.

Personal Skills
• Missional and evangelical approach to ministry
• Passion for social justice and outreach
• Ability to connect with modern college students
• Ability to think creatively and develop new approaches
• Experience and passion for creating communities of fellowship and service
• Ability to communicate the Gospel in ways that others find engaging and relevant
• Ability to lead, organize, and equip others in ministry
• Ability to recruit and identify leaders for building community
• Ability to work in an inter-religious atmosphere
• Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality
• Spiritual maturity, self-awareness, and authenticity
• Self-starter, with an ability to work alone and in a collaborative environment
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to use websites and social media to promote the ministry
• Professional accountability and transparency
• Other skills as may be determined by the Bishop and the Board of Directors

Type of commitment
Full time
Does this job pay?
Application Process
If you are interested and might feel called to be Acting Chaplain/Missioner, Way of Love, The Episcopal Mission at Michigan State University and/or Youth Ministry Leader at All Saints Episcopal Church, please send a resume, cover letter, OTM Portfolio (if applicable), and two sample sermons (in any format, if available) as soon as possible to:

Jim Gettel
Canon for Congregational Life
Episcopal Diocese of Michigan

Applications are being considered now for this fall and interviews begin by August 10th.

Application Deadline