Zoom-Based Biblical Greek Course

Online Course
Jan. 10-Dec. 13, 2021
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Zoom-Based Biblical Greek Course
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Bishop Kemper School for Ministry, Topeka, KS
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Online Course
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BKSM’s Biblical Greek program utilizes innovative methodologies to teach Biblical Greek in ways that are accessible, engaging, and memorable. Using online video-conferencing via Zoom, students will acquire the skills to beginning reading the New Testament in its original language.

The class is specifically designed to accommodate different levels of experience learning languages and various amounts of time students are able to work on assignments at home. The role of rote memorization is absolutely minimized.

The program has a three-year progression. Year one focuses on the basics of reading Greek, and year two moves to an intermediate level. The third year is an open-ending reading group that will read and translate the biblical texts from the Sunday Revised Common Lectionary along with the Church Year, with a focus on aiding those who preach, teach, and worship using those texts.

Advanced placement is available for those with previous Greek experience.

More information at: www.bishopkemperschool.org/biblical-greek-course.html

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