When God ‘Shows Up.’ Hint: It’s Not Only in Church

Online Retreat (Trinity Retreat Center)
March 5-7
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When God ‘Shows Up.’ Hint: It’s Not Only in Church
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Trinity Retreat Center
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March 5 at 8pm; March 6 at 10am, 2pm and 8pm; and March 7 at 4pm on Facebook Live

With Jim Melchiorre, Trinity’s Director of Editorial Content

Focus on the ways we’re called to “show up” for our neighbors and the world with this online retreat during Lent. We will explore how to prepare our hearts and minds for those assignments and tasks. We will also discover how answering that call can break us open to new and greater insights when we take the risk to enter unfamiliar and uncomfortable places where God is already at work. Led by Jim Melchiorre, Director of Content at Trinity Church Wall Street, this free online Facebook Live retreat is open to all.

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