Volunteer Disaster Chaplaincy Training

Sewanee, TN
Aug. 13-15
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Volunteer Disaster Chaplaincy Training
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The Sewanee Inn
1235 University Ave
Sewanee, Tennessee 37375
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The Beecken Center—in partnership with the National Disaster Interfaiths Network (NDIN)—invites clergy and lay spiritual caregivers of all faiths to take this disaster chaplaincy training at the beautiful Sewanee Inn in Sewanee, Tennessee, August 13–15, 2018. Participants who complete this certification can volunteer in their own diocese or faith community, or with NDIN and its national partners. NDIN can also assist unaffiliated volunteers in finding disaster spiritual care volunteer opportunities in local communities across the United States.

The training will be divided into two parts. The first, Engaging Faith Communities in Disasters, is a religious literacy and competency course focused on why and how to engage faith communities during disasters and public health emergencies.

The second part prepares clergy, laypersons, religious leaders, or spiritual care providers to volunteer as disaster chaplains in mass-care settings, or to serve as disaster chaplains within their house of worship, religious community, or professional institution. Led by a team from NDIN, participants learn about disaster response operations, spiritual care, mental health, and self-care. Strategies to promote recovery and resiliency are also covered.

Emergency managers and disaster mental health professionals may also take this course to develop their knowledge of best practices in disaster spiritual care.

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