Tri-History Conference 2019

Toronto, Canada
June 18-21
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Tri-History Conference 2019
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Trinity & Wycliffe Colleges
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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The Tri-History Conference is co-sponsored by three historical organizations of the Episcopal Church. It is held every three years at a different location and examines the particular heritage of the Episcopal Church, its antecedents and the other churches of the Anglican Communion. The three co-sponsoring organizations are: Episcopal Women’s History Project (EWHP); Historical Society of the Episcopal Church (HSEC); National Episcopal Historians and Archivists (NEHA).

Under the title of Trauma and Survival in the Contemporary Church: Historical, Archival, and Missional Responses, presentations focus on the Anglican/Episcopal tradition responding to historical experiences of traumas from the Reformation to the present.

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Matthew P Payne