The Birth of Jesus: Myth, History, and Spirituality

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Nov. 24-Dec. 15
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The Birth of Jesus: Myth, History, and Spirituality
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Christ Church Parish/The Center for Spirituality @ Ontario, CA
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Online Course
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The familiar images of angels and shepherds, kings and stars, Mary and the babe, and even more the dreams and visions of Mary and Joseph, originally had a revolutionary meaning. Decades, even centuries, of sentimentalization of the “Christmas story” have contributed in hiding to our eyes the power of the narratives regarding the birth of Jesus that are found in Matthew’s and Luke’s Gospels. Today it is still possible to recover such images and dreams for an engaged spirituality of justice and hope.

This class is:

  • informative: the “infancy gospels” will be explained with the rigor of the historical-critical method

  • fascinating: the power of mythic and archetypal images will be explored

  • spiritual: the option of allowing our deepest desires to inform our lives will be engaged

“Either the dream of Jesus of Nazareth of the kingdom of God upon earth is a fantastic, anarchic, completely crazy dream, that one must oppose… Or it is completely true. It did not fit into his time, and it does not fit into our time. But each one of us can know that it is true, for it touches us in the depths of our being. It reverberates with truth and a longing within; we can feel that the kingdom of God is near” – Eugen Drewermann

This class meets four times on Tuesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm, starting on November 24, 2020, via zoom. The remaining dates are December 1, 8, and 15.

This class is co-taught by James Dunkly, Ph.D. in New Testament, and Gianluigi Gugliermetto, Ph.D. in Theology.

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Ashanti Smalls