Slavery and Its Legacies at Old North: Panel Discussion

Boston, MA
Oct. 16
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Slavery and Its Legacies at Old North
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Old North Church
193 Salem St
Boston, MA 02113
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Panel Discussion
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On October 16, Old North Church & Historic Site will host a panel discussion that will reveal new research about our entanglement with slavery and explore how we as an important cultural site in the Boston area are coming to terms with information that alters our self-identity, interpretation, and public face.

In a conversation moderated by Elon Cook Lee from the Center for Reconciliation in Providence, we’ll review research conducted over the last three years pertaining to Captain Newark Jackson– mariner, chocolate merchant, congregant of Old North Church, and namesake to our historic chocolate exhibit on site. Jackson’s personal history, as that of Old North and the city of Boston, reveals a complicated past involving slave owning and slave trading that weighs upon the present and alters Old North’s sense of self.

We invite you to join us for this event to observe, ask questions, and discuss with us the potential impacts of these findings. We hope you will also share this event within your organization and to your wider networks. The more perspectives and voices we bring into this discussion, the greater the opportunity to work toward equity and reconciliation.

Panel Discussion: Slavery and Its Legacies at Old North
October 16, 2019 6:30pm-8:30pm
Old North Church (193 Salem Street Boston, MA 02113)

Speakers: Jared Hardesty, PhD, Associate Professor of History at Western Washington University; Jonathan Chu, PhD, Professor of History at UMass Boston; Madeleine Rodriguez, JD, associate at Foley Hoag in the Litigation Department; and the Rt. Rev. Gayle E. Harris, Bishop Suffragan of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts

Moderated by: Elon Cook Lee, Program Director and Curator, Center for Reconciliation

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