Seminar: The Grace in Gardens

Sewanee, TN
July 20
Event Title
The Grace in Gardens
When does it start?
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Event Location
St. Mary’s Sewanee: The Ayres Center for Spiritual Development
770 St. Mary’s Lane
Sewanee, Tennessee 37375
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Event Details
Gardening expert June Mays will lead a one-day workshop, The Grace in Gardens, on Saturday, July 14 at St. Mary’s Sewanee retreat center. The group will explore the link between garden and spirituality, and tour garden sanctuaries in the Sewanee community. Mays will offer ideas for making a personal garden more spiritual, provide new ideas for church gardens, and explore how gardens have affected the spiritual lives of others.

Mays is a garden designer who trained at the English Gardening School in London. She is a parishioner at St. Mary’s on the Highlands in Birmingham and has built garden sanctuaries at her homes in Sewanee and in Birmingham. This program is limited to 30 participants. The cost of the workshop is $60 and includes lunch. Options for staying at St. Mary’s Sewanee on Friday night before the workshop are available.

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