Refuge and Resilience: an LGBTQ+ Retreat

Virtual Retreat (Trinity Church Wall Street)
Aug. 6-8
Event Title
Refuge and Resilience: an LGBTQ+ Retreat
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Trinity Church Wall Street
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Virtual Retreat
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Refuge and Resilience: an LGBTQ+ Retreat

August 6–8, 2021 with the Rev. Matt Welsch, Trinity Church Wall Street

Where did you first feel safe to be your fullest self? LGBTQ+ individuals and communities have a long history of carving out spaces of joyous, radical inclusion, often in the face of oppression. In this retreat, the Rev. Matt Welsch of Trinity Church Wall Street invites participants to reflect on the idea of refuge, and consider how we might draw on these places of sanctuary to find strength and resilience in our unique, God-given identities. The content of this retreat has been developed primarily for LGBTO+ participants—allies may benefit by tuning in as well.

This retreat will take place over five half-hour sessions throughout the weekend at these times, streamed on Facebook Live. All times are Eastern. Registration is not required.

  • Friday 8–8:30pm
  • Saturday 10–10:30am, 2–2:30pm, and 8–8:30pm
  • Sunday 4–4:30pm