Preaching Jesus With Courageous Authenticity

Zoom (Episcopal Preaching Foundation)
June 7-11
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Preaching Jesus With Courageous Authenticity
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Episcopal Preaching Foundation via Zoom
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The Episcopal Preaching Foundation announces its June 2021 national Preaching Excellence (“PEP-II”) Conference offered to all Episcopal clergy: Preaching Jesus with Courageous Authenticity.

The conference will address one of the foundational elements of strong preaching: speaking from your own authentic core, while at the same time maintaining theological and intellectual integrity. Conference Co-Chair the Rev. Nikki Mathis explains: “From time to time many of us wonder how to preach the truth of the gospel from our true selves, in a way that enables the people in the pews to receive it. If this resonates, then you will find this one-week deep dive into your preaching more than helpful.”

PEP-II is an intensive five-day course that will require a little preparatory work, and a commitment to being present, engaged, and vulnerable. Your preaching will benefit!

The online conference format combines the opportunity to interact with exemplary preachers and preaching coaches in the plenary sessions, with round-table discussions, and the small affinity-based guided preaching groups, which will be the primary workspace. With introverts in mind, meditation and quiet times are designed into the program. Recognizing the reality of Zoom fatigue, the schedule allows ample time between sessions to answer emails, attend to parish emergencies, and walk the dog or get lunch.

Distinguished Faculty includes:

  • The Rev. Canon Stephanie Spellers, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry’s Canon for Evangelism and Reconciliation; co-author of The Episcopal Way
  • O. Wesley Allen, Jr., Lois Craddock Perkins Professor of Homiletics, Perkins SMU, author of Preaching in the Era of  Trump
  • The Rev. Kim Jackson, State Senator and Vicar, Church of the Common Ground, Atlanta, GA
  • Catherine Meeks, Executive Director of the Absalom Jones Center for Racial Healing, Atlanta, GA
  • The Rev. John Branson has served extensively in the Episcopal Church in Connecticut and the Diocese of Newark in “turn-around” suburban congregations

The Rev. Canon Charles Cesaretti, Board President, Episcopal Preaching Foundation explains why this conference is particularly timely in spring 2021:  “The context of our preaching has changed dramatically…a divided population struggling to make ends meet, and simultaneously adapt to social discord and the economic consequences of the Pandemic. With this conference the EPF offers guidance from voices in the front lines of delivering an authentic message of hope in troubled times week after week after week…”

PEP II registration is open to all Episcopal clergy

Registration fee before May 15th: $300.

More information and online registration at