Preaching in a Hurting World

Zoom (Episcopal Preaching Foundation)
Oct. 17-19
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Preaching in a Hurting World
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Episcopal Preaching Foundation via Zoom
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When it feels like the whole world is traumatized, where does a preacher start? Between the economy…the environment…Ukraine… our divided country it’s no wonder our parishioners are over-stressed…and what about the preacher?,

This three day online conference will examine impact of these collective stresses and offer some practical steps the preacher can take to be the source of hope and inspiration that your parishioners are hungry for when they come to you on Sunday — and to administer the self-care which is s prerequisite for effective and sustainable ministry. In addition to interacting with experienced faculty, a core element of the conference will be preaching to feedback in small groups. The conference schedule is structured as far as possible to accommodate participants coast-to-coast.

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Peter Wild