Preaching Conference for Deacons Offered via Zoom in Spanish

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Oct. 7-15
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Preaching Conference for Deacons Offered via Zoom in Spanish
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The Episcopal Preaching Foundation (EPF), in partnership with The Association of Episcopal Deacons (AED), is offering an online preaching conference created specifically for Spanish speaking deacons in the Episcopal community on two consecutive weekends, Friday-Saturday October 7-8 and Friday-Saturday October 14-15, 2022. The conference, which will be conducted entirely in Spanish, will provide guidance on sermon preparation and delivery, recognizing the unique role of the deacon and the distinct nature of the diaconal sermon. Interested clergy of other orders are invited to attend the plenary and panel sessions as auditors to hear more about the special role of deacons and their ways of preaching.

“As with many organizations, and indeed the whole church,” said Peter Wild, Executive Director of EPF, “We learned a lot during the pandemic. And one of those lessons was the opportunity to offer new and diverse programming via Zoom to suit the needs of our wider church.” Wild notes that the online format of this conference, and its delivery over two weekends rather than four consecutive days, will allow deacons, particularly bi-vocational clergy, to attend without interfering with their duties in the church or elsewhere.

A prominent member of the planning team was the Venerable Juan Sandoval, Archdeacon of the Diocese of Atlanta and member of the board of the AED. Archdeacon Sandoval noted the dearth of resources for Spanish speaking preachers across the Episcopal Church and commended EPF for stepping into the breach. The conference is breaking new ground in both content and delivery, said The Rev. Sandoval: “This is the first conference of its kind and we have lined up a powerful group of plenary speakers and small group mentors to assist in guiding the participants to sharpen their preaching skills. Presenting the conference via Zoom will allow Spanish speaking Deacons around the Episcopal community to participate in this special event.”

Bishop Rafael Morales

Indeed, the conference’s renowned faculty comes from all corners of the Church and includes the Right Reverend Rafael Morales, Bishop of Puerto Rico, the Very Reverend Miguelina Howell, Dean of Christ Church Cathedral in Hartford, CT, the Rev. Nancy Fraustro, Director of Latinx Studies at Seminary of the Southwest, and The Rev. Canon Anthony Guillén, Missioner, Latino/Hispanic Ministries and Director, Ethnic Ministries for The Episcopal Church.

When asked to serve on the faculty, Dean Howell said, “I was elated. It is an honor to participate.” Howell sees a unique and timely role for the deacon in the church, who can serve as a “bridge,” articulating the needs of the world to the church and preaching the Gospel in word and example. “The conference is both a tool and a container,” said Dean Howell, “which allows for conversations about preaching and the liturgical aspect of the deacon’s vocation, as it is deeply connected with their ministries outside of our walls.” She hopes “that the invitation is embraced by many and that as many deacons as possible will attend.”

Dean Miguelina Howell

Along with the Rev. Sandoval, the Very Rev. Howell also embraces the online format noting that it is EPF’s way of “responding to the reality of the pandemic, and ‘spreading the net,’ so to speak, by making attendance as accessible as possible.”

As with all of EPF’s programs, the conference will be anchored by small intimate preaching groups of 3-4 participants led by a trained EPF moderator. Each participant will have an opportunity to preach and receive feedback from peers and faculty. Each day will also feature a plenary talk delivered by a noted educator or preacher, and will open and close with worship.

The fee for participation will be $50 per person. Interested clergy may register at

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