Advent Course: Transforming toxic conversations about race, class, and justice

Nov. 29-Dec. 13
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Peace on Earth – and at Christmas Dinner: Transforming toxic conversations about race, class, and justice
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Online Course & Prayer Experience
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Join us for three evenings in Advent 2022
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Tuesdays @ 7:00-8:30pm EST online

An Advent program of listening and remembering, connecting and prayer. Using movement-based spiritual reflection, key concepts from Scripture, and peace-building practices, we’ll explore how to avoid storming out, rolling over, or melting down during conversations across serious difference.

November 29: “Anyone who has ears, should listen”
Learn about the psychology of race, class, and extremist politics. Explore the power – and the limitations – of deep listening to reach across deep divisions.

December 6: “For he will save his people from their sins”
How do hurtful “-isms” work at the subconscious and interpersonal levels? How can we interrupt them with integrity and compassion? This evening’s embodied reflection prayer service will include photos and input from course participants.

December 13: “Jesus, son of David – and Bathsheba”
What can the stories of Jesus’ ancestry teach us about connecting across “irreconcilable” differences? How does our own family’s history with race, class, and struggle affect our different understandings of moral and political values?

These 90-minute evening sessions contain movement-based prayer, group learning, interactive exercises, and small group discussion. Preparation includes 20 minutes per week: viewing short videos, taking photos, and completing a self-survey. Optional readings and exercises include further videos, websites, and reflective conversations with family members.

  • Pray, listen, and connect. Practice compassion for yourself and for others.
  • Understand and address hurtful language in a deeper, more spiritual way.
  • Navigate conflicts about politics with greater grace, so as to produce a little less heat, and a little more light.
  • Explore how to share your perspective in peace-making ways.
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John Falcone