Parish Development Clinic: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice

Seattle, WA
Sept. 10-13
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Parish Development Clinic: Shaping the Parish Through Spiritual Practice
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220 W. Olympic Place
Seattle, WA 98119
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A small group of clergy-in-charge of parish churches working together with experienced trainers/coaches. The emphasis will be on understanding and living a pastoral theology and strategy. In this clinic we will focus on spiritual practice. Our starting place is the daily life and experience of you and your parishioners. The longing for self and unity, for forgiveness and a sense of meaning. We want to explore how we as priests can do better at affirming the day-by-day light and love that our parishioners are in the world.

How might we do better at helping the baptized accept adult responsibility in the world and maintain a prayerful relationship with God? How might we shape parish life in a manner that respects and supports the vocation and gifts of people with family and friends, as workers and citizens?

What rhythms of prayer — daily and weekly — might effectively ground people whose lives are filled with conflicting demands and pressures? How might we as parish priests best organize our time and energy in service of such an approach?

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