New Community 2020 Virtual Conference

Oct. 30-31
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New Community 2020 Virtual Conference
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Virtual Conference
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These are challenging times within our church, our community, and our world.  The world has become aware of the “SYSTEMIC INEQUALITIES AND DISPARITIES” that have plagued our society for hundreds of years. Issues surrounding unequal justice practices, a “different” justice system for people of color, and lack of fair opportunities is now a conversation that America is having.

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted further “racial inequalities” in our healthcare system and resulted in higher unemployment rates in our communities. Communities of color are generally at a higher risk in their daily jobs (nursing, food packing, farm working and cleaning service industries) and many times without adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Additionally, the labelling of the coronavirus as the “China Virus” has legitimized an increase in racism directly affecting immigration policies, DACA, and fear of deportation for many ethnic communities.

Join us in conversations about:

  • the unique community of Navajoland and the international support they have received
  • demonstrations demanding police reform and systemic overhaul of our justice system with accountability
  • the “new reality”: how will this change our marginalized congregations?
  • maintaining mental health amidst the grief and loss due to Covid-19 and the present racial climate
  • What is reconciliation, rebuilding, and resurrection going to look like?

These much needed conversations are calling us as the New Community to join-in and make our voices heard regarding these issues.

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