Nature, Spirituality, and the Interconnectedness of All Beings

Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT)
Nov. 17-19
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Nature, Spirituality, and the Interconnectedness of All Beings with Dr. Gretel Van Wieren
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Trinity Retreat Center (79 Lower River Rd, West Cornwall, CT)
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Scientific and spiritual perspectives increasingly paint a picture of a vastly and intricately interconnected Earth. Yet daily we are confronted with the realities of planetary disruption—climate displacement and biodiversity decline, land degradation and dispossession, water and air pollution, and threats to human health and livelihood.

Join us as we explore how to balance these disparate truths—between interconnectedness and disconnectedness, wonder and loss, beauty and suffering. We’ll focus on how we experience the interconnectedness of the natural world in our everyday lives and how it might help mobilize our communities to advocate for restorative and transformative environmental actions.


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