Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Priests

Oct. 10, 2022 (Applications accepted until Nov. 30)
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Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Priests
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Luther Seminary
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Learning Community
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The Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Priests is a learning community for church leaders who long to cultivate Christian identity, practice, and community in a culture where people tend to seek the good without God. The cohort offers the promise of intensive, transformational leadership development along with flexibility and accommodation for the demands facing full-time, working priests.

Participants commit to a 12-month training process that includes three in-person gatherings, regular coaching and mentoring, experimentation and reflection, peer engagement and accountability, and selected reading and study. Tuition, books, meals, and lodging are provided.

Applications will be accepted until November 30, 2021. Space is limited. Apply today to start your learning journey and experience a renewal of your pastoral identity and practice.

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Tessa Pinkstaff, Program Manager