Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Clergy 2019-2020

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
May 20, 2019-May 20, 2020
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Missional Leadership Cohort for Episcopal Clergy 2019-2020
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Applications due Dec. 1, 2018.

Leaders across churches today face massive challenges on two fronts: understanding a pluralist culture that no longer supports Christian identity and practice; and leading faith communities through processes of learning, adaptation and innovation in mission. Meaningful engagement with complex challenges like these functions best in communities of peers who mutually encourage, support, challenge and deepen one another, while being held accountable to a disciplined structure of action/reflection under the guidance of experienced mentors and coaches.

The Missional Leadership Cohort is a structured learning community that offers teaching, mentorship and accountability for church leaders in partnership with committed peers and faculty and staff. It offers the promise of intensive, transformational leadership development for a missionary church with flexibility and accommodation for the demands facing full-time, working clergy.

The cohort participants (capped at 12) commit to an 18-month learning journey. There are three in-person gatherings (May 20-23, 2019; October 21-23, 2019; and May 18-20, 2020), interspersed with reading, work in your ministry context and monthly video coaching. Participants compile a portfolio over the course of the program that showcase their learning and growth. This may include reflection papers, sermons, congregational curricula, a journal, surveys, interview or focus group transcripts and analysis, worship bulletins, websites, videos and other media. The work addresses current ministry challenges identified by participants and teams in their ministries.

Thanks to a grant from the Hamilton and Mildred Kellogg Trust, the only cost for participants will be their own travel to the meetings. Tuition, lodging, food and supplies will be covered by the grant. Meetings will be held in Minneapolis/St. Paul or nearby areas.

Program director: Dwight Zscheile, Ph.D.; associate director: Blair Pogue, D.Min.

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