Lenten Retreat: Mary Magdalene as Role Model for the Spiritual Journey

West Cornwall, CT
March 3-5
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Lenten Retreat: Mary Magdalene as Role Model for the Spiritual Journey
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Trinity Retreat Center (79 Lower River Rd, West Cornall, CT)
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Mary Magdalene as disciple, witness, and prophet is one of our strongest role models for understanding the elements that emerge on a spiritual journey. These elements do not follow in a necessary order but cycle within us as we grow into deeper awareness of the movement of the divine encounter. Through lecture, reflection and meditation we will consider Healing & Forgiveness, Discernment, Witness, Abiding, and Transformation during this Lenten retreat.

For hundreds of years the emphasis on Mary’s character as a prostitute has overshadowed her vital role as a close follower of Jesus and the first witness to the resurrected Christ, obscuring her significant example of spirituality. Although the program for this retreat and the accompanying exhibit is based on a very specific Christian example of spiritual direction, elements of Mary Magdalene’s journey can be applied for other spiritual traditions and for humanists. Our time together will include the labyrinth, 3-D icons for contemplation, time for journaling and sharing.


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