Jim Wallis in Conversation with Presiding Bishop Curry

Washington, DC
Sept. 25
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Jim Wallis in Conversation with Presiding Bishop Curry
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5 Thomas Circle NW
Washington, DC 20005
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Public Speaking Event
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On September 25, National City Christian Church in Washington, DC will host a conversation between Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and Jim Wallis about Wallis’s latest book, CHRIST IN CRISIS: WHY WE MUST RECLAIM JESUS. Register to attend the book launch event here.

In the foreword for the book, Bishop Curry explains the importance of responding to our nation’s current moral and “constitutional crisis” at this political moment:

“It has been so easy for the Church in various generations, including our own, to disregard, disarm, and domesticate Jesus to the point that he may not even resemble the Jesus of the New Testament… Whenever Jesus of Nazareth—his actual teachings, his lived example, and his loving, liberating, and life-giving way—takes center stage, a revolution of love, a reformation of life, and a renewal of our relationship with God, each other, and all of creation is at hand. This moment, fraught with problems and complexity, is likewise pregnant with a new possibility for the Church and those called Christians. This crisis may be a genuine opportunity to reclaim our roots, our origins, our true identity as Christians, by reclaiming Jesus of Nazareth and his way of love.”

With CHRIST IN CRISIS, Rev. Wallis creates an unprecedented spiritual field guide for Christians and those of different faiths—or no faith at all—who are trying to survive the polarizing bitterness and anger of our divided nation and move forward in the post-2016 political context.

CHRIST IN CRISIS will be published by HarperOne on September 24.

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