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Zoom (Episcopal Preaching Foundation)
Jan. 24-28
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Episcopal Preaching Foundation via Zoom
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PEP-II Preaching Excellence Retreat Week With Kathleen Norris

Sunday is fast approaching, and the rest of your life won’t stop! We’ve all been there.  Balancing the needs of pastoral work, administrative tasks, worship planning, and the small matter of having family, friends, and a life—where and how can we find time and space to nurture our preaching lives, when we can barely catch up with life itself?    The Episcopal Preaching Foundation is hosting a week long learning “PEP-II” retreat via Zoom January 24-28 to explore this question.  Preachers are invited to consider the ways that our preaching lives are born from our lives themselves, in all their fullness and messiness and chaos.  How can God use our lives to serve as rich texts from which we can preach Good News?   This unique experience offers respite for preachers after the rigors of Advent and Christmas and before the demands of Lent.  Intimate preaching groups, workshops, and special guest Kathleen Norris (Author of Amazing Grace: A Vocabulary of Faith) will assist preachers in finding their lives again…and hopefully a sermon too!

Following the retreat, participants will have the option to participate in a small online preaching group meeting monthly online.

PEP is an amazing gift and resource for preachers seeking to continue honing and advancing their homiletical craft – Preaching Conference participant.

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The Episcopal Preaching Foundation was founded in 1987 and since then, more than 1,800 seminarians have passed through its Preaching Excellence Program (“PEP”), including a number of bishops and one presiding bishop. The EPF also aids practicing parish clergy through the annual conference (“PEP-II”) and diocesan conferences. EPF’s programs also now reach deacons, lay leaders and local formation programs.

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