Flourishing in Ministry – Midwest Series

Racine, WI
May 2020-May 2021
Event Title
Flourishing in Ministry – Midwest Series
When does it start?
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Event Location
Sienna Center
5637 Erie Street
Racine, WI 53402
What kind of event is it?
Retreat Series – 3 retreats
Event Details
Flourishing in Ministry is a Circle of Trust® retreat series for pastors and faith leaders. One of the programs will be held in Racine, WI. It will consist of three retreats (one 4-day event and two 3-day events) over a 13-month period, as well as small group peer learning calls in between retreats. (for series in other parts of the country see website below)

What is Flourishing in Ministry?
A retreat series rooted in the Circle of Trust® approach developed by Parker Palmer, led by trained facilitators from the Center for Courage & Renewal. It is an invitation to step away from your daily work to explore your inner life, to reconnect with your calling and passion, and to join a global movement that believes that leadership begins from the heart of who you are. The focus will be on building trustworthy relationships, with ourselves and the people in the circle, through a process that is intentionally ecumenical, cross cultural and multi-aged.

This experience is underwritten by the Lilly Endowment’s Thriving in Ministry grant program. Rather than helping pastoral leaders build one-on-one relationships with experienced mentors, role models, and exemplars who have a slim chance of sharing the particulars of their ministry context, we will provide an experience/model of mutual mentoring based on our Circle of Trust® approach.

These retreats are open to all authorized leaders (clergy, pastors, deacons, elders, etc.) in local congregations/faith communities. Participants will be invited to share into the circle honestly – with their joys, concerns, doubts and curiosities. The focus will be on nurturing one’s own inner leadership and building supportive and trustworthy communities, honoring the spiritual wisdom tradition and theological language that emerges for each participant.

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