Evolving Faith Live, Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference (Evolving Faith)
Oct. 14-15
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Evolving Faith Live, Virtual Conference
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Welcome home, wanderer. We’ve been saving a seat for you by the campfire.

We know there might be many reasons why you’re out here in the wilderness, beyond the city gates.

Maybe you feel as if you don’t belong anymore in the faith community that used to be home. Maybe you’re struggling to find your footing and you can’t seem to identify a path forward. Maybe God has felt more absent than you’d like to admit. Maybe you’re ready to take a fresh look at Scripture and reimagine the theology you once took for granted. Maybe you’ve felt alienated amidst the partisan mudslinging and the ugly culture wars of our times, yet you want to hear faithful voices that cry out for justice, equity, and true peace.

We will gather to do some good work together: building a faith that nourishes not just for us but also the whole world as well as finding companionship amidst challenging terrain. Sometimes that might compel us to name what we’re against. But we also never want to forget to say what we’re for: acting for justice and embodying grace, cultivating hope and proclaiming love.

We need some hope. We need more love.

Amid the fractures of the world, we’re seeking healing. We’re coming together to listen—to God and to one another. We’re ready to reimagine and to rebuild, to remember and even to resurrect a faith that is truly good news.

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Ashleigh Nelson