Enneagram Workshop with Hunter Mobley

Online Course (The Urban Well)
Apr. 30-May 1
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Enneagram Workshop with Hunter Mobley
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The Urban Well
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Online Course
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Relationships are complicated! Whether it’s at home or at school, at work or at play, people see the world and manage their relationships differently.

The retreat will begin Friday evening with Fr. David Peck and Hunter Mobley providing an overview of the Enneagram system of personality types and the framework it provides for understanding people.

On Saturday, participants will learn about enneagram triads, stances, and sub-types—all of which are invaluable tools in understanding how people relate to one another, why misunderstandings happen, and how empathy and compassion can help one live in harmony with others.

Who will benefit from this retreat? This retreat is for life-learners and those wishing to improve and deepen relationships in all aspects of life.