Drawing Closer to God: Writing an Archangel Icon

Sewanee, TN
Nov. 16-18
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Drawing Closer to God: Writing an Archangel Icon
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770 St. Mary’s Lane
Sewanee, Tennessee 37375
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In preparation for the Advent season, St. Mary’s Sewanee is hosting an icon writing workshop.

Icon writing is a rich spiritual practice, a meeting place between the divine and the human. Part of the icon’s symbolism is transmitted through the step-by-step technique used to create it, including style, materials, stance, and actions.

This three-day workshop is an exploration of visual prayer using a traditional Byzantine image of an archangel (Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel) to draw closer to God. Each session opens with a prayer of intention. Participants work on their icons in silence, listening to Gregorian chants, giving the participant an experience of deep contemplation.

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