Discerning Leadership for Redeveloping Congregations

Virtual Retreat
Aug. 5-26

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Church Planting and Mission Development will offer a virtual retreat for those who feel a calling toward church/community redevelopment.

Re-Vision and Renew: Discerning Leadership for Redeveloping Congregations will take place 12 to 5 p.m. Eastern time on four Thursdays: Aug. 5, 12, 19 and 26. The retreat is designed to give participants feedback around core competencies in church redevelopment. It is designed to nurture leaders who will encourage their congregations to develop relationships and partnerships outside the church—relationships which then invite change and redevelopment within the church.

Applicants should have a sense of calling toward this kind of redevelopment work, be drawn to the practices of asset-based community development and participatory leadership, and want to be creative and adaptive change agents.

Seasoned redevelopers will accompany participants through the process. Sessions will include group and individual reflection on missional theology, conversations about the life of a church, neighborhood exegesis exercises, and an in-depth behavioral interview process.

Early registration is recommended due to limited space. Registrations will be reviewed as they are received. Register for the conference at https://dfms.formstack.com/forms/renewing_retreat_registration.

Please contact Steve Matthews at genesis2steve@gmail.com with questions, registration changes, or if you are interested in attending but cannot secure financial assistance from your diocese or parish.