Conversations in the Holy Land

Holy Land
Jan 8-16, 2020
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Conversations in the Holy Land
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PO Box 6098
Lakeland, Fl 33807
United States
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Join Dr. Rev. Gary Mason for a time of dialog in the Holy Land. “Conversations in the Holy Land” is a unique travel experience that will give you a more informed and well-rounded perspective on the conflicts in this important region of the world. Dialogue with Christians, Jews, and Muslims about their complicated life and relationships. Learn about the history of the conflict and past efforts for peace and reconciliation. Hear from people trying to bring a new way of life to this area today. Visit Biblical sites where Jesus taught and implored all of us to love one another through his words and actions. Come home with new ways to think about peace and reconciliation in the Holy Land and in your own community. Individuals and groups are welcome.
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Donald Fishburne