Congregational Addiction Team Ministry Training

Online Course
Feb. 4 and 9 @ 6-9 p.m. CT
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Congregational Addiction Team Ministry Training
Feb. 4 and 9 @ 6-9 p.m. CT
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The Center of Addiction & Faith
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Online Course
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Addiction Ministry Training

Create a Ministry to Help those who Suffer

Addiction issues of every kind are at an all-time high during this terrible pandemic. Addiction takes many forms—not just substance abuse but unhealthy behaviors that hurt individuals and whole families. Our entire community is negatively impacted by this issue in a variety of ways.
The Center of Addiction and Faith is offering Addiction Team Ministry Training to help address this serious problem. As we come out of this pandemic your congregation can be preparing to understand these issues and how they can be addressed in healthy and healing ways.
This ministry training happens on-line over a 6-month-long process including a congregational readiness assessment, leadership training, team recruitment, team training, and follow up coaching sessions. The process works as follows:
Leadership Training Workshops: Thurs. Evenings Feb 4 & 9 from 6 pm on Zoom

At these first events the pastor and at least two hand-picked leaders learn how the ministry works, their roles in leadership, and the steps to follow to develop this ministry.

Between the Leader Training and the Team Training in April the pastors’ hand-picked leaders will lead the congregation through a readiness assessment. Those team leaders will also begin to recruit their team members.

Team Training Workshops: Five sessions, April 29–May 13, Thursday nights from 6-8:30 and Saturday mornings from 9 to 11:30.

Teams will experience intensive training with training materials included. Recruited team members will understand the ministry, develop a mission statement, lay out the vision for the ministry and develop the steps they intend to follow that fit with the readiness of their setting.

These trainings are led by Faith Partners ( who have been training congregations in addiction ministry for over 25 years. They will provide a thoughtful four-step process to start an effective, sustainable ministry to address the needs of the whole congregation. Informed clergy supported by committed and trained congregational team members will offer help and hope through awareness, education, and recovery support.

There is room for up to 10 congregations to participate. Cost per congregation is $750. $125 is due at registration. Contact Pastor Ed Treat for more information, or click below to register.

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