Confederate Symbols & Episcopal Churches Workshop

Sewanee, TN
Nov. 5-7
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Confederate Symbols & Episcopal Churches Workshop
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University of the South
735 University Ave
Sewanee, TN 37383
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Confederate Symbols & Episcopal Churches Workshop: Tools for Leading Change

A two-day, two-night workshop designed to equip Episcopal clergy with tools for confronting Confederate symbols in their parishes. The workshop is based on a year’s worth of research done by organizers Rev. Kellan Day and Rev. Hannah Pommersheim during their senior year as Gessell Social Ethics Fellows at the School of Theology in Sewanee. The workshop covers three main areas: Theological Underpinnings, Arts & Symbols, and Best Practices. The workshop is grant-funded. Participants are responsible for their own lodging and travel costs. Food and workshop materials will be covered.

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The Rev. Hannah Pommersheim