Anointed No More? Faithful Living When Leadership & Institutions Fail

New York, NY
Feb. 27
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Anointed No More? Faithful Living When Leadership & Institutions Fail
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General Theological Seminary
440 W 21 Street
New York City, NY 10011
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Paddock Lectures 2020


What happens when we lose confidence in our systems or their leadership? From King David to Judas, the Bible has many examples of leaders that fell from grace. The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jo Bailey Wells will address this question in light of the current events of the world, through the lens of a biblical scholar, a bishop in the Church of England, and a person of faith in a time of chaos. The morning session will primarily focus on King David and also the worship at Sinai (Exodus 32-34). The afternoon session is scheduled to focus on the New Testament, specifically Judas as well as the Corinthian Church.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Jo Bailey Wells

Jo Bailey Wells is Bishop of Dorking in the diocese of Guildford. She has served as Dean of Clare College in Cambridge, Director of the Anglican Episcopal House of Studies at Duke University, and Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury. The latter role included bringing to birth the Community of St Anselm on behalf of the Archbishop. She has also lived and worked in apartheid South Africa, and more briefly in Uganda, Haiti and South Sudan during periods of civil unrest. Wells has degrees from Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, University of Minnesota, and Durham University. Her doctoral work explores the significance of God’s holiness for the people of God, across the Old Testament and into the New. She has written two books: God’s Holy People (Sheffield, 2000) and a one-volume commentary on Isaiah (BRF: 2006 and 2010). She is married to Sam, who is also ordained, and they have two children.

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