Anglicanism in European Perspective: A Summer Course in Utrecht

Utrecht, The Netherlands
July 16-21
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Anglicanism in European Perspective: A Summer Course in Utrecht
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University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
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With the Anglican Centre in Rome as principal organizer, and in partnership with the Virginia Theological Seminary (Alexandria VA, USA), the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in EuropeTrinity Church Wall Street (New York), and the Utrecht Summer School“Anglicanism in European Perspective” is intended for any student of Christian traditions, whether living or simply visiting in Europe, interested in seeing this historic Christian tradition through the lens of its centuries-long presence on the European Continent.

The Anglican Communion is the third-largest global communion in the Christian tradition, after the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Yet despite their centuries-long presence in Continental Europe, Anglican churches are relatively little known—and less understood—in Europe. As a tradition with its roots in the Reformation as it was experienced in the British Isles, and as a global church that spread alongside the British Empire, Anglicanism has historically been a migrant church in Europe—until recent years, largely the faith of American and British expatriate communities.

Europe is a distinctive arena for the Anglican tradition. It is one of few places on earth where the churches of more than one province in communion with the See of Canterbury—the sine qua non of membership in the Anglican Communion—are present as neighbors. The four Anglican churches present in Europe—the Church of England, the Episcopal Church, the Spanish Reformed Episcopal Church, and the Lusitanian Catholic Apostolic Evangelical Church—each exist for unique reasons, and have distinct histories here. And increasingly, Anglican faith communities draw worshippers from the European contexts and cultures within which they are present—offering worship services in local languages.

Serving clergy, those interested in ordination, and lay leaders of Anglican congregations in Europe are especially welcome to apply.

This course can be combined with two additional courses offered by the Old Catholic Summer School, including a basic course: Old Catholic Theology in its Ecumenical Context and a second week of advanced studies: Old Catholic Theology beyond the Basics: In search of being Church in Communion. That course is offered in immediate connection with the introductory course. Combining both courses leads to a reduction of the total course fee. You can apply for the combination track here Old Catholic Theology: Communion as Calling and Challenge.

Instructors include

  • The Most Reverend Ian Ernest, Director, Anglican Centre in Rome, and past Primate, Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean
  • The Reverend Dr. Kathy Grieb, Director of the Center for Anglican Communion Studies, Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal Church)
  • The Reverend Dr. Charlotte Methuen, University of Glasgow (Scottish Episcopal Church)
  • The Reverend Dr. Jack McDonald, University of Leuven (Church of England)
  • The Right Reverend James Tengatenga, University of the South (Church of the Province of Central Africa)
  • Dr. Christopher Wells, Director of Unity, Faith, and Order, Anglican Communion Office (Episcopal Church)

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The Ven. Walter Baer