Abraham Out of One, Many – Art Exhibit

Boston, MA
Oct. 27-Dec. 6
Event Title
Abraham Out of One, Many – Art Exhibit
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Event Location
Cathedral Church of St Paul
138 Tremont St
Boston, MA 02111
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Art Exhibit on Abraham
Event Details
The Cathedral Church of St Paul – Boston, will host an internationally acclaimed art exhibit. ABRAHAM: Out of One, Many is an art exhibit focusing on what we have in common because of our ancestor in faith, Abraham, and what we can learn from the life and faith of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar about living together more harmoniously. The exhibit features art by three globally acclaimed Middle Eastern contemporary artists – one each from Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faith traditions. Each artist has contributed five paintings that focus on five specific themes from Abraham’s life that can guide us today in our world. The artists are interpreting these themes for our contemporary context.
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