Latest News

  1. Detroit ministry to offer showers, laundry services to homeless residents with help of UTO grant
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jul 3, 2019
  2. Wichita church embraces its role in urban ministries
    By Melodie Woerman
    Posted Jul 2, 2019
  3. Women are joining the House of Bishops at unprecedented rate
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
    Posted Jul 1, 2019
  4. Political tensions in Washington over immigration policy fuel Episcopal advocacy, outreach
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 27, 2019
  5. West Virginia ministry recruits work groups for revamped outreach to county gripped by poverty
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 26, 2019
  6. Boston cathedral’s ‘Ministry of the Steps’ takes church’s welcome to the street
    By Bridget K. Wood
    Posted Jun 24, 2019
  7. Episcopalians testify in support of slavery reparations bill in House Judiciary subcommittee hearing
    By Carrie Graves
    Posted Jun 20, 2019
  8. Presiding Bishop receives new primatial cross from Southeast Florida Bishop
    By ENS Staff
    Posted Jun 19, 2019
  9. Episcopal Church’s advocacy for LGBTQ people pre-dates Stonewall uprising
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
    Posted Jun 18, 2019
  10. Two Michigan dioceses to share bishop, charting path forward together in spirit of innovation
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 14, 2019
  11. Executive Council moves toward lay-clergy pension parity for members of churchwide staff
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  12. Presiding Bishop releases video message for World Refugee Day
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  13. Iraqi Christians, chicken farmers rebuild their lives in the Nineveh Plains
    By Lynette Wilson
    Posted Jun 13, 2019
  14. In California, celebrating a new name and affirming authentic identity for transgender Episcopalians
    By Pat McCaughan
    Posted Jun 12, 2019
  15. Appalachian Trail inspires Episcopalians to embark on weeklong ‘Camino’ trek in Pennsylvania
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 11, 2019
  16. Council is ‘leading from the future as it emerges,’ mutual ministry review shows
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
  17. Episcopal Church joins efforts to mark 400 years since enslaved Africans’ arrival in North America
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 10, 2019
  18. After building an inviting new parish hall, an Ohio church asks the community to make it their own
    By Egan Millard
    Posted Jun 6, 2019
  19. Delaware church helps high school turn students’ college dreams into reality
    By Lola Michael Russell
    Posted Jun 6, 2019
  20. Mission church’s healthy meals served with loving nod to ‘First Nations’ cuisine, culture
    By David Paulsen
    Posted Jun 3, 2019