Also in the News

  1. California bishops issue call to assist Central American refugees
    Posted Dec 20, 2018
  2. As one historically black Episcopal church closes, others face strong headwinds
    By Yonat Shimron
    Posted Dec 12, 2018
  3. Church officers issue letter on suspension of statute of limitations on clergy sex misconduct
    Posted Dec 12, 2018
  4. Saint Augustine’s University retains full accreditation with Episcopal Church’s support
    Posted Dec 11, 2018
  5. South Carolina diocese seeks federal court action over breakaway’s use of name, symbols
    Posted Dec 10, 2018
  6. Chilton Knudsen appointed assisting bishop in Washington
    Posted Dec 7, 2018
  7. Slate of candidates for the eighth bishop of the Diocese of Northern California announced
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
  8. Presiding Bishop postpones bishop ordination and consecration in Diocese of Haiti
    Posted Dec 5, 2018
  9. Mark Cowell consecrated bishop of Diocese of Western Kansas
    Posted Dec 3, 2018
  10. Presiding Bishop offers tribute to former President George Herbert Walker Bush
    Posted Dec 1, 2018
  11. Diocese of Texas announces slate for bishop suffragan
    Posted Nov 27, 2018
  12. Diocese of West Tennessee elects Phoebe Roaf as bishop
    Posted Nov 27, 2018
  13. Oklahoma Bishop Konieczny to retire in 2021
    Posted Nov 26, 2018
  14. Ecumenical gathering in Atlanta issues statement calling for peace on Korean Peninsula
    Posted Nov 19, 2018
  15. Georgia bishop announces retirement plans, calls for a successor
    Posted Nov 14, 2018
  16. Episcopal student interviews Presiding Bishop for Georgia radio service
    By Peggy J. Shaw
    Posted Nov 12, 2018
  17. Bishops offer ‘Litany in the Wake of a Mass Shooting’
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  18. Slate of candidates announced for 10th bishop of Maine
    Posted Nov 8, 2018
  19. Michael Hunn consecrated 11th bishop of Rio Grande
    Posted Nov 6, 2018
  20. Colorado bishop-elect discloses cancer diagnosis
    Posted Nov 5, 2018