Gold Rush Bishop: William Ingraham Kip

By Mary Judith Robinson
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Gold Rush Bishop: William Ingraham Kip
Mary Judith Robinson
Telegraph Hill Press
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This is the story of a pioneering cleric who established the Episcopal Church in California beginning in the Gold Rush, the Rt. Rev. William Ingraham Kip (1811-93) and members of his family who played important roles in American history. Kip encountered ship wreck, bandits and grizzly bears among challenges during his 40-year episcopacy. The story relied on valuable family memoirs among other sources, revealing information not known previously. Kip was a scholarly man born into a Dutch family that settled Manhattan in the 1600s (“Kip’s Bay” was the family farm). Four centuries of related people are chronicled (in Burnet, Cleveland, Dodge, Kinney, Kip, Stedman and Stuart families).

The author, a descendant of Bishop Kip, has written nine published historical biographies, including a history of the Episcopal Diocese of California (“From Gold Rush to Millennium – 150 Years of the Episcopal Diocese of California 1849-2000”).

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Telegraph Hill Press, 562 B Lombard St., San Franicsco, CA. 94133-7057 (payable to Judith Robinson); telephone – 415 788 9112; e-mail – Also through Amazon.
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Judith Robinson