Maryland diocese elects Carrie Schofield-Broadbent bishop coadjutor

Posted Mar 27, 2023

[Diocese of Maryland] The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland elected the Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent as its bishop coadjutor on March 25 during an election held at St. John’s in Ellicott City.

Schofield-Broadbent serves as canon to the ordinary for transition and church development in the Diocese of Central New York. Pending the necessary consents, she will be consecrated and installed as bishop coadjutor on Sept. 16 at Washington National Cathedral. Schofield-Broadbent will serve with the Right Rev. Eugene Taylor Sutton, the 14th bishop of Maryland, from August of 2023 until April of 2024, when Sutton retires. She will then succeed him and become the 15th  bishop of Maryland.

The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland elected the Rev. Carrie Schofield-Broadbent as its bishop coadjutor on March 25.

“I’m ready,” Schofield-Broadbentsaid said upon election. “I feel deeply honored and in awe of the trust you’ve shown. I can’t wait to be among you … to be with you in your joys and our challenges, to worship with all of you in your wonderful congregations, schools and ministries … I’m here to be among you and deeply grateful for the movement of the Spirit here. Come by here, Oh Lord, come by here, let it be with us according to your Word.”

Schofield-Broadbent is deeply committed to honoring the dignity of every human being. She consistently attends to her own work around race, climate change, economic justice and full inclusion of LGBTQAI+ persons; and she is committed to helping the church grow in these areas, as well.

The bishop coadjutor-elect was chosen by clergy and lay leaders representing each congregation of the diocese during the reconvened 238th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland on March 25, solely for the purpose of electing a bishop from a slate of four nominees. She was elected on the third ballot. A majority of both clergy and lay votes in the same round was needed for election. Schofield-Broadbent received 111 clergy votes and 57 lay votes.

“We are delighted to welcome Carrie Schofield-Broadbent as our bishop coadjutor. Her ministry passions of empowering lay ministry, working with congregations, and conflict resolution will serve our diocese well as we engage in the joys of encountering Christ and engaging the world,” said Kari-Ann Lynne, president of the standing committee.

The other nominees were the Rev. Alissa Newton, canon for congregational development in the Diocese of Olympia and vicar of St. Columba’s, Kent, Washington; the Rev. Gregg Morris, rector of St. Andrew’s, Downers Grove, Illinois, in the Diocese of Chicago; and the Rev. J. Randolph Alexander Jr., rector of Immanuel Church-on-the-Hill, Alexandria, Virginia, in the Diocese of Virginia.

The Episcopal Church in Maryland is as old as the first English settlements on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay during the 1630s. The “Protestant Episcopal Church” created in 1780 by Maryland-based Anglicans is now a vibrant community of congregations and individuals in covenant with God and one another. The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland spans across 10 counties in western, central and southern Maryland. Its more than 100 actively participating congregations serve approximately 23,000 communicants.