English bishops discuss same-sex marriage ahead of key February synod

Posted Dec 15, 2022

[Church of England] The College of Bishops has held its second three-day meeting (Dec. 12-14) to continue discerning a way forward for the Church of England on questions of identity, sexuality and marriage.

Under the banner “Living in Love and Faith” (LLF), the church produced a suite of resources in November 2020 examining human identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage. These include a book, a video course, podcasts and videos of the lived experiences of a wide range of individuals. These have been available through a variety of channels across the church, including websites and local parishes.

Congregations across the country then took part in a process of learning using the resources, listening to one another and to God. A report of the gathered responses from this churchwide engagement was published in September 2022.

Since then, the College of Bishops – which includes all the serving bishops of the Church of England – has held two three-day meetings to draw on this wealth of resources and the many conversations that have been held to inform their discernment. A third meeting will take place next month in mid-January 2023.

The Church of England’s General Synod would then be invited to indicate its views at its meeting in February 2023.

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