Scottish primus calls for swifter action to help Ukrainian refugees reach UK

Posted Mar 8, 2022

[Scottish Episcopal Church] Following a special meeting of the United Kingdom Parliament where President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine addressed the House of Commons, the Most Rev. Mark Strange, primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church, commented:

“I, like all of us, have been watching the coverage of the invasion of Ukraine. Today we heard the powerful testimony from President Zelenskyy to U.K. parliamentarians. He laid out how the tactics of the aggressor changed as the Ukrainian resistance has proven stronger than was expected. We are now confronted by images of indiscriminate bombing of civilian areas and by the continuing attacks upon families attempting to escape the onslaught.

“None of this can be defended; it is against international law and against any understanding of acceptable behavior.

“We are called upon to pray for peace, to work for peace and to live our lives offering peace, yet sometimes peace can only be created when the aggressor is challenged and wickedness confronted. Across the world people are calling out the evil we are witnessing; many are offering themselves to help in any way possible. There can be no let-up in the voices of condemnation, for if we begin to quiet our protest, or turn towards other matters, then the aggressor will have won.

“We are also called to act. I have been contacted by many people offering to help, as well as people wanting to know why we in the U.K. have offered refuge to so few of the people in need.”

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