Return of ‘Ashes to Go’ for Ash Wednesday highlights renewed Lenten practices as COVID-19 wanes

Posted Mar 2, 2022

[Episcopal News Service] On March 11, the world will mark two years since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared. But first, this week, there are ashes to impose.

Episcopalians on Ash Wednesday are taking advantage of waning case counts, hospitalizations and deaths in the United States to begin renewing some Lenten practices from before the pandemic. One of the most visible of those practices is Ashes to Go, in which clergy members post themselves on sidewalks, at train stations and in other public spaces to impose ashes on passersby.

Signifying mortality and repentance, ashes are a visible sign to the world on Ash Wednesday that a Christian is preparing for the season of Lent.

The following is a selection of social media posts showing various Episcopal churches’ Ashes to Go ministries.