Diocese of Maryland approves $1 million for reparations fund to back racial reconciliation work

Posted Sep 14, 2020

[Diocese of Maryland] The 236th Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland on Sept. 12 passed a resolution that commits to creating a $1 million seed fund for reparations and racial reconciliation work, with more than 80% of votes in favor.

After unanimously passing a resolution in 2019 affirming the principle of reparations at its 235th Diocesan Convention, the diocese’s next step is to contribute money to programs in the black community that will help to repair the breach that is systemic racism in Maryland and in the United States, building up impoverished black communities. The wealth of the country was created on the backs of enslaved persons, and the legacy of slavery, grief, suffering and abuse continue today.

“Passing the resolution is in recognition of our collective complicity and contributing to the impoverishment of black communities,” Bishop Eugene Sutton said to the convention following the vote. “I had nothing to do with enslaving persons. I’m not guilty of that, but I have a responsibility. … I know we don’t all agree that this is the best vehicle to make amends. We all do agree, I’m quite sure, that we will do all we can to eradicate the sin of racism off the face of the earth and repair the damage that it has done to this nation, this state and our communities for centuries.”

For more, read the full release here.