Kenya: Bishop survives serious bout of Covid-19 after 18 days on life support

Posted Jun 3, 2020

[ACNS Digest] Bishop Tim Wambunya of the Diocese of Butere in the Anglican Church of Kenya has returned home from hospital after recovering from COVID-19. He spent 18 days on a life support machine after falling ill with the virus following a trip to the U.K.

Speaking to journalist Enock Sikolia from Kenya Citizen TV News, Wambunya said he was semi-conscious when he was transferred to intensive care unit (ICU) of the Aga Khan hospital. “I had lost most of my faculties. I got there and as soon as the doctors saw me all I heard was ‘ICU straight away.’ They took me to ICU and at that point, I think I blacked out.”

Over the following two weeks doctors and nurses battled to save him as his body grew increasingly week, until, on the 16th day of treatment, he began to respond.

“They gently brought me back but I wasn’t able to eat or drink”, Wambunya said in the television interview. “I was very, very thirsty. I asked for water and they said I couldn’t have water. One of the nurses, God bless her, gave me 5 milliliters of water in a syringe as a way of quenching my thirst.”

Wambunya will spend a further 40 days in hospital as medics work to improve and heal his damaged lungs.