Frank Logue consecrated 11th bishop of Georgia

Posted Jun 2, 2020
[Diocese of Georgia] The Rt. Rev. Frank Logue was ordained and consecrated as the 11th bishop of the Diocese of Georgia on Saturday, May 30 at Christ Episcopal Church in Savannah. The Rt. Rev. Scott Benhase, 10th bishop of Georgia served as the chief consecrator. He was joined by the Rt. Rev. Sean Rowe, bishop of Southwest Pennsylvania and Western New York, and the Rt. Rev. Rob Wright, bishop of Atlanta.

The service was livestreamed through the diocesan Facebook page and the diocesan YouTube channel. The livestream itself was a combination of pre-recorded videos and a live feed of the service.

On May 31, Logue participated in a peaceful protest in Savannah as a response to a call from Savannah Mayor Van Johnson’s request for clergy across all faith traditions and denominations. In response to the news of the raging protests in 40 cities and the National Guard called out in 26 states, including Georgia, Logue said, “Who can not be shaken to the core when a man is killed by a policeman as he cries out, ‘I can’t breathe, sir’? Out faith in Jesus compels us to stand against evil, even as we seek to root out this evil implanted within us. Until everyone has justice, none of us can truly be free.”

As Logue looks towards the future of the Diocese of Georgia and his new role as bishop, he said: “At our best it is bonds of affection which tie our church together. I look forward to the steady, patient work I see ahead of us. One thing I see most clearly is that if we remain focused on Jesus, rather than on the church, the Diocese of Georgia will not simply survive, but thrive and I love getting to be a part of that. We will get to see lives and communities transformed by the love of God. Who doesn’t want that?”