A summary of Executive Council resolutions

By ENS Staff
Posted Feb 24, 2019

[Episcopal News Service – Midwest City, Oklahoma] During its Feb. 21-24 meeting here The Episcopal Church Executive Council adopted multiple resolutions that are summarized below.

Committee on Finance

* Establish Trust Fund 1194 as an investment account for St. Brendan’s Episcopal Church of Juneau, Alaska (FIN015).

* Extend its thanks to those who have included The Episcopal Church in their wills (FIN016).

* Recognize the “diligent and effective work” of its Investment Committee, thank for their service Michael Kerr, David Lorenzo Alvarez-Roldan, Bishop Clifton Daniel, Bishop Rodney Michel, Dena Frith Moore, B. Waring Partridge IV, Maibeth J. Porter and Ronald W. Radcliff, Jr. (FIN017).

* Thank retiring members of the Economic Justice Loan Committee Diane Aid, Kim Jackson, and Bishop Rodney Michel (FIN018).

* Thank retiring members of the Executive Council Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility the Rev. Canon Kathleen Cullinane, the Rev. N. Chase Danford, the Rev. John Floberg, William McKeown and William Smith (FIN019).

* Give thanks for the life of the late Rev. Alden Besse, who included The Episcopal Church in his will; and recognize his generosity in supporting the ministry of The Episcopal Church (FIN020).

* Establish Trust Fund 1195, the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society Long-Term Reserve Fund for the general purposes of the Society, with an initial investment of $16,340,000 (FIN021).

* Agree to “conclude” a loan and interest of $233,614.38 extended by the Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (the DFMS is the church’s corporate and legal entity) to the Episcopal Church in Navajoland; the Episcopal Church in Navajoland shall pay $100 as payment in full through deduction from its next monthly block grant payment and shall pay its full assessment beginning in 2019 (FIN022).

* Approve revisions for the 2019 Budget for The Episcopal Church as follows: Non-government refugee ministry budget increased from $113,000 to $319,816; add $125,000 for Spanish translation of the Title IV training website; and $449,000 for ongoing software development, licensing, hosting, maintenance fees; and technical requirements of General Convention (FIN023).

* Distribute $270,000 of the total $667,000 Long-term Development Grants (budget line 402 here) for the four principal dioceses engaged in Native American ministry as follows: Navajoland: Hozho Center, Fort Defiance Arizona, to complete its hospital, $100,000; Navajoland: St. Christopher’s, Bluff, Utah, renovation work on church buildings, $100,000; South Dakota: renovation of a house on Standing Rock Indian Reservation, McLaughlin, South Dakota, for youth ministry programming and rental, $40,000; Navajoland, South Dakota, North Dakota, Alaska: Indigenous Theological Education programming, $30,000 (FIN024).

* Authorize distribution of income from Trust Fund 809 up to $61,700, for additional expenses of educational and theological programs, as recommended by the Commission on Theological Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (CETALC) at its meeting in the Dominican Republic, July 31-August 4, 2018; disbursement conditioned on the receipt of appropriate documentation to secure financial and operational accountability (FIN025).

* Recognizes the “diligent and effective work” of its Audit Committee and extends thanks to Nancy Koonce, Michele Racusin and Jeff Fisher (FIN026).

* Grant assessment waiver for the 2019-2021 triennium to the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast, according to the following schedule: 12 percent in 2019, 14 percent in 2020, and 15 percent in 2021; grant a one-year assessment waiver for 2019 to the Diocese of Colombia (will pay $1,500 for 2019) and the Diocese of the Dominican Republic (will pay $15,000 for 2019); grant a one-year assessment waiver to the Episcopal Church in Taiwan (will pay $3,000 for 2019); and deny waiver request from the Diocese of Dallas (FIN027).

* Establish Trust Fund 196, St. Mary’s Cadillac Investments for St. Mary’s Episcopal Church of Cadillac in Michigan (FIN028).

* Allocate 20 percent, or $920,000, of the estimated budgetary surplus for the 2016-2018 triennium to the short-term reserves; balance of the estimated surplus, $3.680 million, to remain in the cash operating account, which has been used to fund various non-budgetary actions approved by council; allocate $2.880 million of the proceeds from the sale of Block 87 in Austin, Texas, to the church’s short-term reserves (FIN029).

Committee on Governance and Operations

* Approve the amended Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society (DFMS) Employee Handbook Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity (GO001).

* Approve the revised DFMS Employee Handbook Policy 101 – Professional Development (GO002).

* Approve the Episcopal Church Women’s (ECW) Bylaws as updated and adopted at the July 2018 Triennial Meeting; approve the slate of officers and members of the national board elected at the June 2018 Triennial Meeting and those since appointed by the board (GO003).

* Thank David Booth Beers for his service as chancellor to the presiding bishop and wish him and his wife, Peggy, a happy retirement (G004).

* Support the conclusions and the recommendations of the working group that the president of the House of Deputies appoint lay and clergy members to a new Court of Review with the consent of the lay and clergy members of Executive Council; resolution needed because General Convention Resolution 2018-A110 established but did not expressly include a method by which such a court for clergy discipline cases was to be initially populated (GO005).

* Exclusion of spouses at Lambeth Conference: When does all mean all? (See Episcopal News Service story here.) (GO006).

Committee on Mission Beyond The Episcopal Church

* Approve the presiding bishop’s and the president of the House of Deputies’ appointments of the Rev. Ted Thompson, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and the Rev. Alfred E. Moss, Baltimore, Maryland, to the Interreligious Convening Table of the National Council of Churches (MB002).

* Express gratitude for the continuing dialogue with The United Methodist Church; recognize the faithfulness of members of The United Methodist Church as they meet in a Special Session of the General Conference, Feb. 23-26 in St. Louis, Missouri (MB003).

* Express “deepest concern regarding the humanitarian and political crisis affecting Venezuela and sends greetings to our brothers and sisters in the Diocese of Venezuela (MB004).

Committee on Mission Within The Episcopal Church

* Authorize Young Adult and Campus Ministry grants recommended by the YACM grant review committee for payment from line item 359 of the budget (MW001).

* Authorize Young Adult and Seminarian grants recommended by the United Thank Offering (UTO) Board for payment from UTO grant funds (MW002).