Presiding Bishop Michael Curry resting after surgery

Posted Jul 31, 2018

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry

[Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs] Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop Michael Curry is resting comfortably following surgery on Tuesday, July 31.  According to the presiding bishop’s family and his medical team, the surgery went well, as had been expected. Bishop Curry is resting, and a full recovery continues to be anticipated.

On July 25 Curry shared news that he had recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer and would be having surgery to remove the prostate gland.

Curry and his family are touched by the outpouring of prayers and well wishes. In their thankfulness, they ask for privacy during his recovery.

Further information will continue to be released by the presiding bishop’s office, as needed.


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  1. Jordan Sakal says:

    God bless you Presiding Bishop Curry! May your recovery be swift and your healing complete.

    1. Merelyn Mims says:

      My prayers continue for Bishop Michael and his family. Thank God for a successful surgery and his complete healing. God bless.

  2. Thomas Hofer says:

    Bishop Curry, I have been praying for you all day today and am glad to read the outcome of the surgery. Please rest assured of all our prayers.

  3. Robert Publicover says:

    Bishop Curry, my prayers were answered when you were elected and they have been answered again with your successful surgery. Give yourself time to heal. My prayers will continue.

  4. Vicki Gray says:

    Alleluia! Prayers ascending, Michael, for you, for your family, and for those of us who need you.

    1. T. Whitfield Stodghill, III says:

      Love to you, Vicki!

  5. Denise Safford says:

    May God continue to bless you and hold you in His hands.

  6. Sheila says:

    Thanks be to God. Praying for continued healing.

  7. Pam Webb says:

    May God bless and heal our beloved Presiding Bishop. Prayers for him, his family and all that care for him as he recovers.

  8. Benny and Fran Barksdale says:

    Fran and I wish you a speedy recovery Bishop Curry!! God Bless You and your beautiful family at this time. Our prayers are with you!!!! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Gail & Roger Madsen says:

    Dear Bishop Curry, rest well. We all have your back sending heavenward thousands of prayers for healing and good health. Thank you for taking care of yourself.


    As I expected, the surgery was routine. With early detection and prompt surgery, he will have a complete recovery with little chance of the cancer returning ever. Same story with me fourteen years ago. Thanks be to God.

    1. Beatrice Hernandez says:

      You are in my prayer, may your healing quickly recovery, may the lord guide you in every step by step in your way. Stay stronger blessings sister in Christ. Greenville, S.C

  11. Me LaRue says:

    So grateful to hear that all is well with our beloved Bishop Michael. May quiet, rest and peace be his during the coming weeks. May his recovery be full and restore him to good health.

  12. Matt Ouellette says:

    May God be with you during your recovery, Bishop Curry. Your leadership has been a blessing to this church.

  13. Pat Gunn says:

    Prayers continue for a fast and complete recovery.

  14. Kim Gauss says:

    Prayers for best outcomes and peace of mind for you and your family.

  15. Deacon Sharon and I offer our heartfelt prayers for Bishop Michael’s successful recovery and continued ministry.

  16. Scott Golden says:

    Wonderful news, thank the Lord! There are Anglicans around the world who rejoice in ++Michael’s ministry and leadership. So many of us thank God for him – he is truly a breath of fresh air! Prayers continue, in gratitude and for his complete recovery.

  17. (The Rev.) Roger Allee says:

    Praise God for the successful surgery. Now, a peaceful and blessed recovery. You, Michael Curry, are a wonderful leader for us.

  18. Dick Bell says:

    God bless you. Hope your recovery is uneventful. Prayers are offered for you and your family.

  19. Melinda Shannon says:

    We adore Bishop Curry! I speak for friends here in the Atlanta Diocese and for my Sewanee classmates. We are looking forward to many more years of his leadership and his preaching #LOVE. Another SNL skit would also be cool.

  20. Mary Smith says:

    Dear Bishop Curry, continuing to pray for your complete recovery! God Bless you….❤
    Mary Smith — St. Michael’s Raleigh

  21. Fr. Thomas Lowe says:

    Our Presiding Bishop is a blessing to all of us in the church and to the wider world. May God bless him with a full recovery and return him to the mission to which he is called.

  22. Mary Hughes says:

    Thanks be to God for a successful surgery! Prayers continue for a complete recovery as he heals from it. God bless you Bishop Curry.

  23. Maggie Silton says:

    Prayers for you, Bishop Curry!

  24. Prayer for your speedy recovery Bishop Curry and to your Family strength as they take care of you… Christ Peace Amen

  25. Prayers from a Presbyterian pastor and friend of the Episcopal Church… God’s healing touch be upon you, Bishop Michael ❤️❤️

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