Church of England responds to pre-Synod satirical blog

Posted Jul 4, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Church of England has issued an official statement following the publication of a blog which suggested next week’s General Synod in York was to consider “abolishing” the Holy Trinity.

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  1. The Rev. Fred Fenton says:

    The doctrine of the Trinity is not biblical. It was devised to answer philosophical and theological problems of a pre-Enlightenment age. I believe it is enough to follow the Presiding Bishop’s lead in challenging us to be part of the Jesus Movement. Nothing is said in the Nicene Creed about what Jesus taught and how he lived. The Church needs to emphasize orthopraxy over orthodoxy if we are to win the hearts of people today who long to see Jesus manifested in our lives.

    1. John Hobart says:

      I recommend John Polkinghorne’s book, Science and the Trinity, for an intelligent post-Enlightenment age treatment of the topic.

  2. Jane Cooper says:

    The response seems a little more anti-Muslim than I was expecting

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