Government of Burundi praises Anglican Church for tree-planting campaign

Posted Jan 4, 2018

[Anglican Communion News Service]  The Anglican Church of Burundi (EAB) has been awarded a Certificate of Merit from the government’s environment ministry for its ongoing tree-planting campaign. Over the past ten years, more than 12 million trees have been planted as part of EAB’s commitment to preserve the environment. In December 2016, the EAB revealed it had set a “One Person, One Tree” goal – a five-year commitment to plant a tree for each one of Burundi’s 10 million-strong population.

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  1. Dan Tootle says:

    The Haiti Reforestation Project organization that is led by St. Phillip’s Episcopal Church in Durham, North Carolina has been a supporting partnership for the Haitian CODEP (‘COmprehensive DEvelopment Program’) that is a loose community of rural neighborhoods (lakous) that have invested themselves in reforesting the mountains around their homes. Beginning with only 40 people in the early 1990’s, it grew to about 550 people in 30 lakous and then more than doubled in recent years as everyone could see the results. Whole swaths of mountainsides are now covered with trees – 14 MILLION so far in the southern mountains of Haiti. The Episcopal Church has been actively supporting reforestation work in underdeveloped countries for many years, and now the Anglican Communion has joined this work.

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