Church leaders criticize President Trump over recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Posted Dec 7, 2017

[Anglican Communion News Service] The Dec. 6 announcement by U.S. President Donald Trump that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been criticized by church leaders. With both Israelis and the Palestinians claiming Jerusalem as their capital, the international community has, until yesterday, refused to recognise Israel’s claim to Jerusalem, insisting that its final status must be settled as part of a peace deal with the Palestinians.

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  1. Erna Lund says:

    Indeed we are in Perilous Times–Trump’s Declaration and the bipartisan Congressional support for Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city! Peoples around the world/international community have long-held that Jerusalem is the cradle/center for the three major religions: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Yet throughout this recent time of “Declaration” there has been no mention of Christianity and its roots; and that Jerusalem(and environs) is and has always been sacred center of history of Christianity. This appears more collusive that we must be beholden to the earthly powers that be… as no one in our seemingly “Christian” country and governing powers has demonstrated any moral strength in standing up and speaking out on this blasphemous assertion/declaration… where is our House of Bishops/clergy…?

  2. The Rev.Dr.Susan Lukens says:

    The White House has effectively lost their credibility in helping reconcile peace between the Palestinians and Israeli people by moving our embassy to Jerusalem we are claiming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
    Serving our church as a missionary in Jerusalem for the past 2 years, this WH proposal has caused a resurgance of distrust and violent reactions on all sides. Our church leaders need to align themselves in protest strongly advocating a multi national task force to mediate conversation for peace accords. In Christ we are called to love thy neighbor- Jerusalem must welcome all people but can not and will not if political forces claim this Holy City for one people and not all.

  3. Bille Matthews says:

    I do not think the president nor the WH has lost credibility.

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